A groundbreaking event that promises to reshape the way you think about facilitation. 

Next event will be Wednesday 30 October 2024 in Central London (venue TBD).

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About the Event

Dive into the world of facilitation like you've never experienced before! We've crafted a unique event where the rules of traditional conferences don't apply. We believe in the power of bringing people together in an inclusive, safe space. Our priority is helping you forge authentic bonds, spark meaningful conversations, and pave the way for enriching, transformative experiences. Join us and be part of this revolutionary approach to facilitation and collaboration.

Why we charge for tickets

We need to pay for the venue, catering and the organiser's time. We are a not for profit event. Any left over funds are ploughed into the next event.

You'll walk away with

🌐 Networking Opportunities: Enhance and expand your network. 

🛠 Tools & Techniques: Discover new tools and methodologies to enhance your facilitation practice

🗣️ Conversations with impact: share knowledge and experience on the issues that are pertinent to you.

🌀 Dynamic Sessions: From fishbowl discussions to open space technology, experience a range of formats.

What unconference is

Organic Conversations: No rigid agendas. The topics are determined by YOU, the participants.

Deep Dive: Engage in spontaneous, deep-dive sessions that arise from real-time interests and challenges.

Collaborative Learning: Share, learn, and co-create with fellow facilitators from diverse backgrounds.

Collective Problem-Solving: Utilise the wisdom in the room. 

How it works

What would you most like some advice/help with, right now?

There may be a topic that you would like to bring with you to share your experience on or there may be something that you are particularly interested in learning about.  We will use the themes that you raise on the day to host a range of small group discussions and workshops.

Curious to learn more? Click here to learn more about the details of how an unconference happens.

Why I should attend

Whether you're a seasoned facilitator, just starting out, or somewhere in between, this unconference is designed for all who are passionate about guiding groups to achieve their goals.

You won't be under any pressure to lead or facilitate a session - it's all about contributing and learning from each other.